Ivory Foundation (Glow by Claudia Nour)

My sister had earlier introduced me to Glow, a line of halal cosmetics, by Claudia Nour. It is touted to be ethical, halal, and wudhu-friendly (for Muslimahs who require it). It’s reasonably priced, and she ships internationally. Further information is available on her website.

The aim of this post is to talk about her mineral powder foundation. Being a woman of Caribbean descent, she actually specialises in cosmetics of women for darker complexions, but she does have shades intended for fairer women. Based on samples, I judged my appropriate shade to be Ivory.

This is Ivory packaged in its larger sifter jar (20g). It actually comes tightly sealed; the foundation you’re seeing on top of the sifter is excess that I poured from a sample packet, so please be assured that any new jar you buy is going to be well-packaged.



I also swatched the foundation with other available foundations I have on hand (hush, we don’t talk about how many I actually own). I know I used my arm rather than my face but it works for the purposes of this experiment.


From L to R: Lunasol Skin Modeling Powder Foundation in OC02, Glow by Claudia Nour in Ivory, IPSA Pure Protect Powder Compact in 101, Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Medium Beige N20 and HABA Powdery Foundation in Natural 02.

Ivory obviously stands out from the other foundations I have as it is about one tone off from the other foundations I am using. This is easy enough to explain. Ivory seems to have more yellow/orange undertones compared to the rest of the foundations I’ve compared it to. Based on the IPSA foundation chart below (I use 101), I am just about at the borderline between those with yellow and pink undertones. I wager Ivory would be approximately an IPSA 001 instead.

Copyright belongs to IPSA.

Copyright belongs to IPSA.

It’s not like I can’t use Ivory; I have used it successfully before, actually, which is why I purchased it in its big jar and do intend to use it. And Ivory is reminiscent of a Bobbi Brown foundation that I’ve used before (I don’t have it on hand to compare). But as can be seen, I prefer to use cosmetics that highlight my pink undertones because those blend better on my skin than Ivory, to be honest. In fact, the foundations by HABA and Lunasol blend so well so as to be almost unnoticeable.

I’m not disappointed though. Ms Nour has also stated that she intends to reformulate some of her foundation shades. I’ll be looking out for this development in the near future; as I certainly would prefer a foundation in the same shade as Ivory, but with pinker undertones instead.